2.5 hours of training with a focus on 1st opinion


First opinion advice on rabbits, rodents ferrets and hedgehogs.

  • For clinical practice - advice on common cases and common client questions

  • 2.5 hours of CPD with expert tutor 

  • Cases presented for discussion

  • Recorded for reviewing with lifelong access

The cute ones that make you nervous...

No doubt that first opinion small animal practice comes with some challenges in the form of cute small furies that may bring up our insecurities (and passions!) as vets...


Many owners are usually very keen on their pet family and familiar with the species, making us feel like they know more about them than us, who should be the "experts".


We are not as familiar with husbandry of so many different species as we are with dogs and cats.

Clinical puzzles

We are less confident with the physical examination, differential diagnoses and diagnostic options and procedores for the exotic species.

The GP foundations

This workshop was created to help general practitioners with first opinion resolution of common cases and confidence approaching these species with clients.

Your Tutor - Dr. Agata Witkowska 

Agata graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2015. She has a passion for surgery and exotic animals and is on the verge of completing the first of her certificates in Zoological Medicine. She is an avid contributor to the profession, having previously spoken at the London Vet Show as well as the annual British Veterinary Zoological Society’s conference, published several articles on exotic animals and frequently contributing to online portals such as Vetstream. She is also a regular host of clinical revision, medical English and communication classes for new vets in partnership with UK VetMove and is responsible for Spay Academy's online course.


Agata is an experienced keeper of exotic animals such as small furries, reptiles as well as invertebrates and shares her house with numerous of such inhabitants. She is eager to share her knowledge and experience with anyone within the profession who might be looking at improving their skills and providing better care for their patients.

The Workshop

This workshop was delivered live on SEPTEMBER 18 2021. Recorded version is accessible.

First Part

Rabbits and Rodents

This module will focus on:

  • Husbandry advice for caring owners
  • Physical examination and diagnostic techniques
  • Common prophylactic advice
  • Case discussions on common clinical presentations

Second Part

Ferrets and Hedgehods

This module advice will focus on:

  • Husbandry advice for the species
  • Clinical preventative medicine
  • Physical examination, tips and tricks for diagnostics
  • Case discussions on common presentations

In a Nutshell...

The workshop is accessible on our e-learning platform.

  • Lifetime access

    The whole workshop is recorded so you can review it again and again. Lifetime access.

  • Confidence-building

    The workshop is designed to help recent graduates feel confident with routine exotics appointments.

  • CPD QR Code

    Provided at the end of the workshop with questions to lead your reflection.

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Approach to Exotic Species in First Opinion Practice

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